Advanced Techniques for Better AI Image Creation using Midjourney

Hello there! I’m happy to introduce you to Midjourney, an intriguing online service that represents a genuine frontier in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) image production. It’s one of those treasures that not everyone discovers, but once they do, it unlocks a world of limitless creative possibilities. Midjourney stands out for its amazing versatility in tailoring prompts and picture requests, making it a haven for creative brains like mine.

Now, let’s speak about the Midjourney User Manual before we go any farther. It’s a useful tool, but many people who believe they can figure it out on their own frequently ignore it. This might not be for you if you’re the kind to smugly assert, “Of course I read the manual.” But if you’re anything like me and constantly seeking for ways to improve your creative process, then sit tight because we’re going to examine some cutting-edge methods for utilizing Midjourney to its fullest extent.

  • First tip: Visiting the Newbie room in Midjourney is a fantastic place to start. Explore other people’s works and pay attention to the direct language they use. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from studying the prompt structures of other writers. People that are proficient with complex software, artists, and photographers frequently utilize certain phrases that can significantly improve the caliber of your prompts and, as a result, your results.
  • Second piece of advice: Did you realize that you can use pictures as a map for Midjourney? Simply begin your prompt with the image’s URL, followed by the main thoughts, separated by commas. Using this method, you may expand on already-existing ideas and imagery, expanding your creative potential.
  • 3. Investigate the potential for copying a certain artist’s style. For instance, incorporating DaVinci’s spirit into your assignment might result in some extremely creative writing.
  • Tip #4: To create the right tone for your project, experiment with various lighting setups. Adding lighting directions to your prompt may significantly change the visual effect of the created image, whether it be a tranquil sunset or dazzling neon lights.

I’ve toyed around with the keywords that direct the AI’s creativity in my attempt to perfect Midjourney. Using phrases like “photorealistic,” “highly detailed,” and “fine resolution” has allowed me to get some startling outcomes. To create certain results, some users even specify camera or lens types. I’ve dug into asking numerous media techniques, from watercolor paintings to ink drawings to pencil sketches, pulling insights from the Midjourney guidebook and resource links.


Midjourney offers users the chance to experiment with creative and surprising suggestions, which is one of its most intriguing features. My research into architectural terminologies, cultural aesthetics, and futuristic ideas has produced some intriguing results. The words “kimono clothing,” “chinapunk,” and “Japanese woman” have given birth to my imaginative concepts.

I couldn’t help but share one of today’s best prompts:


/imagine: a woman wearing kimono is sitting near two candles, in the style of ethereal portraits, chinapunk, enchanting lighting, dark orange and white, made of flowers, 32k uhd, he jiaying –ar 73:97 –s 750 –v 5. 2


Lars Nielsen’s advanced guide to writing prompts for Midjourney has been an invaluable tool throughout this journey. His advice on fashion and lighting has been really helpful in honing my strategy.

I’ve learned about the power of the Discord app as I explore more into the world of Midjourney. It enriches the Midjourney experience and provides additional opportunities for participation and interaction across a variety of media.

Rewinding to the fundamentals of Midjourney, it’s critical to remember that there is a learning curve. At first, the setup procedure, which includes acquiring access through Discord, might seem very complicated. But as you become used to it, you’ll start coming up with your own prompts and seeing things appear before your eyes.

Additional pointers and techniques I’ve learned include:

When you enter a #newbies room, look for the Quick Start instruction in the upper right corner of the main panel. A hidden treasure of a handbook.
Emoji reactions may be used to acquire more details, and you might need to scroll up to see your image results.
Customers who have purchased a subscription to Midjourney’s Web App may peruse your works easily in a photo gallery.
Even when a direct message request is made, the items you create in Midjourney remain visible to everyone. For a fee, a premium subscription allows you to keep your work private.

Follow my quest for more fascinating AI tools and original thoughts. Please get in touch if you have any tips, tricks, or advanced prompts to contribute. I’m excited to discover new possibilities in the field of AI-generated art and images as I continue to delve into the worlds of ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Hi, I’m Ruby